ARTDECO - Eyes - 3D Mineral Mascara ARTDECO - Eyes - 3D Mineral Mascara

3D Mineral Mascara by ARTDECO

Black / 6 ml

Black / 6 ml

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Description by Eyes 3D Mineral Mascara by ARTDECO

The 3D Mineral Mascara from Artdeco provides you with the complete programme for long, perfectly separated and curled eyelashes and wonderfully expressive eyes.

Make use of these innovations from Artdeco to create the best possible shaped eyelashes

The 3D Mineral Mascara combines two new developments into a single product with a mesmerising effect on the expression of your eyes. With its longer fibres, the 3D brush distributes the texture in the best possible way onto your eyelashes, extending them at the same time. The shorter fibres help separate your eyelashes and stop them from sticking together, whereas the special shape of the brush gives your eyelashes the desired amount of curl when it is rotated. The creamy texture glides effortlessly over your eyelashes, supporting the brush’s effect in all three dimensions. Natural waxes in the mascara’s texture give your eyelashes a healthy shine, and marigold extract and a mineral complex nourish them and keep them soft and supple. The Artdeco 3D Mineral Mascara is suitable for wearers of contact lenses and people with sensitive eyes.

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