No. 1 Men’s fragrances by Acqua di Biella

The Acqua di Biella men’s fragrance line appeals to those who appreciate classic perfumes. The traditional, Italian Acqua di Bella perfume house has been producing high-quality and exclusive perfumes for women and men since 1872. The company, situated in Tuscan Biella, stands for exclusive fragrances that have won admirers all over the world. The old recipes for the individual fragrance notes originate in the nearby cloisters, explaining the long tradition of the company. Acqua di Biella was known originally as Reale Manifattura, selling high-quality soaps and candles. Later, the Italian company came to specialise in classic perfume, which remains a premium product at Acqua di Biella today.

Acqua di Biella No 1 - a classic amongst men’s fragrances

If you appreciate a classic men’s perfume, you will not be able to resist Acqua di Biella No 1. This traditional fragrance from Biella has gathered honours and accolades throughout Italy as well as far beyond. Today, this exclusive perfume is still produced according to a 17th century recipe from a cloister . The floral top note in the perfume consists of a nuance-filled ensemble of bergamot, lavender, rosemary and a hint of mint. The fascinating middle note presents the particularly floral scents of petitgrain, neroli and jasmine. The whole creation is rounded with white musk in the base note. The result is a fragrance of delicate Alpine essences combined with the opulence of the Mediterranean world of flowers. Even today, this unusual eau de cologne is in its original recipe a classic amongst men’s fragrances, one that stands out as it always has in its high quality and uniqueness.