Janca Women’s fragrances by Acqua di Biella

The "Acqua di Biella" perfumes appeal to women who love exquisite and extravagant fragrances. The Italian Acqua di Biella perfume house can look back on a long family history. Today’s Acqua di Biella was founded way back in 1871 as “Reale Manifattura” by Luigi Cantono in Biella. At first, the company produced soaps, candles and other toiletry items, as well as the world-famous cologne, which would later give its name to the company. The company was granted the coat of arms of the House of Savoy in 1878, an honour only given in those days to suppliers to the court. Since the beginning of the 20th century, these extraordinary Italian fragrances have been delighting countless customers all over the world. Even today, this high-quality products from Acqua di Biella are produced by hand.

Acqua di Biella Janca - the inspiration for your senses

Chiara Cantono is the owner and perfumer at Acqua di Biella. The exquisite Janca perfume, created for the “Acqua di Biella” line of fragrances, was named for the river that flows near Biella. With the Janca perfume, Chiara wanted in particular to inspire the senses. Janca is composed mostly of the fruity and floral notes of the nearby exotic gardens. The fruity top note unfolds with peach, tamarind and mandarine. The fine middle note comprises a delicate bouquet of lime flowers, osmanthus, magnolia, cardamon and the dominating iris. An aromatic and lightly spicy base note awaits, with cedarwood, white musk and a hint of patchouli. The Janca perfume is the magnificent consummation of a wonderful composition of precious ingredients – dominated by the graceful note of Florentine iris.