Kid Mohair Women’s fragrances by Acqua di Biella

The Acqua di Biella fragrance line stands for a series of extravagant and exclusive perfume notes. The manufacture of fine toiletries as well as high-quality fragrances has a long tradition in the Italian Acqua di Biella company. Production first started in 1871. Seven years after the company was founded as Reale Manifattura, it was granted the coat of arms of the House of Savoy – an honour awarded then only to favoured suppliers to the court. The many fragrances from the Acqua di Biella perfume house are still to this day produced from naturally extracted oils under the strictest of quality controls. In addition, all products from Acqua di Biella are still produced by hand since the company does not want to integrate mass production into their operating processes.

Acqua di Biella Kid Mohair - modern, with a sense of tradition

Each perfume in the Acqua di Biella perfume series is dominated by a particular note. In this sense, Kid Mohair is dominated by the rare and exclusive essence of cashmere wool. The Kid Mohair perfume is at once a very modern fragrance but with a sense of tradition. The perfumer Chiara Cantono dedicates Kid Mohair to her grandmother Maria Rivetti. Thus originated a soft and extremely refined fragrance led by a middle note of Bulgarian rose, osmanthus and pink pepper. The top note consists of a combination of the dominating silk, mango and mandarine. A base note of amber with a hint of musk and patchouli then develops for a handsome finish. The result is a fascinating perfume, which radiates individuality and a strong personality.