Ahava - Mineral Botanic - Lotus Blossom & Chestnut Shower Cream Ahava - Mineral Botanic - Lotus Blossom & Chestnut Shower Cream

Mineral Botanic
Shower Cream Lotus Blossom & Chestnut by Ahava

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Description by Mineral Botanic Shower Cream Lotus Blossom & Chestnut by Ahava

Mineral Botanic from Ahava - effective natural cosmetics for silky-smooth skin. The Cream Wash Lotus Flower & Chestnut with its exceptionally smooth, velvety foam has a calming effect and exudes a mild and at the same time enchanting fragrance. The mineral shower cream comes in different fragrances - fruity, aromatic, soft and sensual. The mineral texture promotes skin circulation and replenishes the epidermis with moisture. Care and protective substances have been matched to perfection. A feel-good skin are for all the senses ensuring an all round positive start to your day. The secret to success of the Mineral Botanic products lies in the Dead Sea and its outstanding mineral properties. The mixture of different minerals acts like an energy boost to skin, body and soul. The Mineral Botanic skin care products from Ahava use highly effective natural ingredients and combines them with the brand’s expertise in cosmetics. With the Cream Wash Lotus & Chestnut taking a shower becomes a soft and dream-like experience.

Nature produces the very best beauty formulas.

Each ingredient in the mineral cocktail from the Dead Sea has a specific role: Potassium prevents against dry skin, enhances moisturisation and counteracts impurities. The antioxidant effects of manganese support the skin’s micro-circulation and have an anti-ageing effect. Strontium is a guarantor that a product will be well-tolerated by the skin - hence the Mineral Botanic Cream Wash stays soothing and calming even if the skin suffers from redness or is sensitive. Zinc promotes skin cell renewal, while bromine relaxes and nourishes. The experts at Ahava make best us of nature’s ingredients and develop them into well-balanced skin care products that are a delight for skin and the senses alike. Selected plant extracts such as Lotus Flower & Chestnut underline the sensuous-individualised and elegant skin care comfort. Using resources and natural ingredients sparingly and operating in an environmentally-friendly manner - at Ahava an inherent part of the corporate philosophy. A coherent approach - from the makeup of the beauty product to its packaging. The scented foamy Cream Wash Lotus Flower & Chestnut comes in a beautifully shaped bottle that is recyclable. More than just a hint of luxury, ecological consciousness and fashionable understatement. Treat yourself- with a Mineral Botanic Cream Wash from Ahava.

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