All skin types. Cosmetics by Alcina

Alcina offers a cosmetic range that is suitable for all skin types. The products can be used on oily, dry and mixed skin types and form the basis for a holistic, gentle skincare. The face, hands and the rest of the body can be cleansed and nourished extensively with Alcina. The company uses ingredients that have a positive effect on the structure of the skin and that contribute to a fresher, younger-looking complexion. The products soothe light skin irritation, moisturise and delight with a wonderful feeling of well-being.

The best product for every occasion

The Alcina cosmetics for all skin types offer the most suitable product for every time of day and for every type of use. The mild shower gel is highly recommended for gentle cleansing of the whole body. It protects the skin from drying out by maintaining your skin’s natural moisture content. So that you can make your way through your day with confidence, Alcina has developed the antiperspirant deodorant cream. It contains no alcohol so is suitable for sensitive skin, too. If you want to provide your skin with a little more colour, you can depend on the range’s self-tanning lotion. It will not only tans your skin but is at the same time an effective moisturising product for areas of dry skin. For the hands, Alcina offers a gentle hand milk, for silky smooth skin. The range also includes a wide variety of other highly effective cosmetic products such as a cleansing foam, a face toner or a body lotion.