Dry Skin Cosmetics by Alcina

The Alcina cosmetic product line for dry skin helps prevent wrinkles, moisturises and ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin without tightness. The products combat quite different causes for dry skin. Genetic predisposition, hormonal influences and the outside elements can all have an effect on the skin. The comprehensive range of products from Alcina provide your skin with a new freshness and vitality. The various products come in the form of creams, masks and cleansing products so that the perfect solution is available for every time of day.

Gentle care and cleansing for dry skin

Dry skin ages more quickly. The build-up of wrinkles is accelerated due to the lack of moisture in the skin. Because of this, the products of the Alcina cosmetic line for dry skin not only provide long-lasting hydration for the skin over several hours but also helps to slow down the aging of the skin. Special anti-aging products are additionally enhanced with valuable active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and black cohosh for long-lasting improvement of the skin structure. The range’s 5 minute mask offers intensive care. It immediately provides the skin with more freshness and makes it appear visibly smoother. Various cleansers specially designed for dry skin ensure gentle cleansing. Dry skin can often react to deep cleansing with irritation and tightness. The creamy formulas of the Alcina range prevent this happening and enable a mild but yet pore-deep cleanse.