Effect & Care Cosmetics by Alcina

The Effect & Care range from Alcina encompasses care products for an intensive skincare programme with visible effects. With special active ingredients in the cosmetics, the individual products are designed to meet the different needs of the skin. So, for example, precious macadamia oil and rich shea butter balance out the moisture reserves of the cells in dry skin. The skin appears more even and feels softer. Collagen and silicon reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. These ingredients strengthen the connective tissue in the skin. The delicate skin around the eyes or on the lips will be made smoother through panthenol. It soaks deep into the skin and encourages cellular metabolism.

Rich active ingredients for a nourished, harmonious complexion

The Q10 cream from the Effect & Care series from Alcina is particularly suitable for stressed and tired skin. With age, the body’s own reserves of the Q10 enzyme are depleted. Cellular metabolism slows down. This cream provides the cells with Q10 and kickstarts cell growth once again. The skin appears fresher. The moisturising serum from Alcina contains moisturising allantoin, which also has a soothing effect. The skin will become softer and more relaxed. The lifting cream with mango stone oil and hyaluronic acid reduces that feeling of tension and smoothes the skin. The Alcina Eye Balsam supports and encourages the production of collagen in the skin cells through pentapeptides and panthenol. The skin will be more even. The combined eye and lip cream for very dry skin makes the skin more supple. With moisture-retaining linoleic acid, it works against wrinkles caused by dryness.

Effect & Care by Alcina