No. 1 Cosmetics by Alcina

A high-quality skincare product gives the skin a soft complexion. It provides many nutrients and intensive protection from the elements. The cosmetic from the Alcina No.1 line hydrates the skin. You will feel after applying it that the skin feels wonderfully healthy. In addition to the face cream, the series also offers various other products. Revitalise tired eyes with the eye cream. The cream is applied to the area under the eye and to the eye lids. The active ingredients also ensure that the skin is tightened. The eye area will be pleasantly revived. When you’ve had a bad night’s sleep or when you have a lot of stress, you don’t need everyone to see it in your face that you’re not on top form. With the high-quality cosmetics from the Alcina No. 1 line, you can win back that radiant complexion and hide those signs of stress and tiredness.

Care and cleansing of the face with high-quality products

Stress is a factor that can quickly be read in the face. You can fight against this with a good cosmetic. Apply the Stress Control Cream to your face and allow the cream to work its magic. You will immediately notice a pleasant freshness, which will be visible in your complexion. A hand cream and a cleansing mousse complete the care programme for your skin so you have a complete feeling of well-being. Give your skin the gift of special care every day. The combination of active ingredients in Alcina No. 1 is suitable for all skin types. You’ll notice how your skin feels more relaxed even after the shortest period of use.