Extra Strong Styling by Alcina

For great styling of the hair, you will need a high-quality haircare product that you can rely on. The Alcina Extra Strong series comprises various haircare products that can be used individually or in combination. The products are equally suitable for long and short hair. After washing, the modelling foam provides firm hold in the hair. The hair can be shaped and dried with a hairdryer or can be left to dry naturally. The high-quality foam does not weigh the hair down but provides firm yet natural-looking hold. The modelling foam is essential for intensive and individual styling.

Unusual styles in particular require a high-quality product to keep them in shape.

Use the Molding Spray from Alcina to fix your style in place. The spray holds your style all day long and can be washed or brushed out easily at night.
Many styles are based on the popular wet-look. The hair is formed into a particular shape and then fixed in place with gel. A large comb can be used to create interesting structures. For this popular wet-look, the Alcina Extra Strong line offers the quality Power Gel, which will provide your hair with extra-strong hold. The Power Gel is especially suitable for short hair. A hairspray is also part of a comprehensive hair care programme and is indispensable for many hairstyles. Shape your hair the way you want it and apply the hairspray evenly over the structure of your style. You hair will have the hold you need without stickiness.