Natural Styling by Alcina

With the products in the Natural Styling series, Alcina offers a haircare programme that provides hold whilst maintaining a natural look. For these styling products, Alcina developed their own Flex factor and Hold Factor. These factors provide information on how strong you can expect the product’s hold to be. The scale reaches from Flex Factor 1 to 10. The products of the Natural Styling range have a higher flexibility level of between 7 and 9. The natural movement of the hair is maintained. The nourishing ingredients of the products protect the hair from drying out.

Alcina Natural Styling - natural hold and elasticity for the hair

The styling series offer a system of carefully harmonised products for the care of the hair after washing or in dry hair. The easy to apply Dryer Spray is sprayed over washed, towel-dried hair. As you blow-dry the hair, the active ingredients work to give your style volume and lift. The gel wax can be used to form dry hair perfectly. A small amount is rubbed between the hands and worked into the hair. The gel wax gives the hair natural hold without weighing it down. It also stops flyaway hair caused by static electricity. Shine wax makes your hair gleam. It can also be used to accentuate individual parts of the hair. To hold your complete style in place, the styling spray is the perfect product.