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Nail Spa
Matte Top Coat by Alessandro

10 ml

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Description by Nail Spa Matte Top Coat by Alessandro

Matte top coat is ideal for a natural finish

But the cosmetics from Alessandro’s Nailspa line are perfect not just for a natural finish but also for the extremely trendy matte nail. That’s because a matte top coat not only gives a matte finish, it also partly changes the colour and therefore the effect of the actual nail polish. This trendy, matte appearance is even being worn on the red carpet and is suitable for any occasion. You can use the matte top coat just like professional make-up artists do. A matte top coat is easy to apply to dried colour nail polish and not only achieves a trendy look but also stops the polish from flaking or chipping at the edges of the nails. This means you can achieve the same effect as the pros by using Nailspa cosmetics from Alessandro. Just make sure the nail polish is dry, otherwise the polishes will run and the effect will be ruined.

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