Tonic Hair care by Alpecin

The products from the Alpecin Tonic series offer haircare for special needs. A hair lotion has been developed for men who want an easy-to-use and effective care programme for daily use. This includes, for example, the classic Alpecine Tonic Coffein Liquid. Men who want to prevent hair loss use this caffeine-based hair lotion morning and evenings after washing the hair. The caffeine in the product stimulates the hair roots and increases their productivity. Hereditary hair loss can be prevented in this way because the hairs grow back quicker. After application, you’ll experience a fresh tingling on the scalp, indicating that the product is getting to work.

Haircare for special needs

The other tonics from Alpecin are also ideal for daily haircare and special needs. The Medicinal Forte product, for example, combats dandruff and greasy hair and reduces hair loss caused by dandruff. Alpecin Tonic also offers suitable haircare for difficult or oily scalps as well as special haircare for grey and white hair. The hair lotion is easy to apply to towel-dry hair and is massaged into the head. Valuable natural ingredients and vitamins pamper the scalp and hair, keeping both healthy. In addition, the tonics also leave a repository of active ingredients on the scalp that continue to work for up to 24 hours.