Alyssa Ashley - Musk - Dusting Powder Alyssa Ashley - Musk - Dusting Powder

Dusting Powder by Alyssa Ashley

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Description by Musk Dusting Powder by Alyssa Ashley

Body care with unisex fragrances by Alyssa Ashley - Musk

Dusting powder is one of the most ancient grooming techniques and has been refined and perfected over the centuries to produce a highly effective skincare product. It nourishes the skin, makes it noticeably softer, regulates its moisture balance and lends it a pleasant scent. Containing only slow-absorbing oils and fats, it doesn’t weigh you down, meaning your skin feels silky soft even in summer. The powder in the Musk series is particularly suitable for oily skin, as it reduces the amount of grease produced by the skin’s pores. Subtle odours are soaked up by this matting powder by Alyssa Ashley. The skin is perfected, resulting in a sensually soft, matt complexion. Dusting powder is most effective when applied to dried skin directly after showering.As a unisex scent, the exclusive fragrance line Musk by Alyssa Ashley is suitable for both men and women. Unisex fragrances such as those in this Dusting Powder react with the body’s own natural scent. This fragrance seduces with a hint of musk, which forms the base note of the powder, and an Orient-invoking blend of aromas. The notes in the fragrance accentuate your individual character, making the Dusting Powder an ideal daily companion. Discrete and refined, this sensual fragrance is your personal moment of wellness.

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