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Big & Beautiful BFly Mascara by Astor


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Description by Eyes Big & Beautiful BFly Mascara by Astor

Accentuate your eyes to the full - with eyelashes as sweeping and weightless as butterfly wings. The Astor Big & Beautiful BFly Mascara allows you to rapidly and effortlessly achieve the butterfly effect.

Eyelashes to die for - deep black, voluptuous and wonderfully sweeping

Astor uses two new developments at once for the Big & Beautiful BFly Mascara: The soft texture envelops every single eyelash. The gel-like formula with light waxing keeps them smooth, without harming them. It gives the lash line a deep black, voluptuous volume, maximum length and weightless sweep. The curved stretch brush matches the eye form perfectly. It reaches every individual eyelash and fans it out like a feather - like the wings of a butterfly. The mascara has been tested by opticians and is suitable for contact lens wearers.You can achieve even more sweep and a sexy wow effect for your eyes when you emphasise the outer eyelashes with an extra layer of Big & Beautiful BFly Mascara!

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