Radiance Energie Skin care by Ayer

A dramatic make-up is shown off to best effect on fresh, vital skin. The

Ayer Radiance Energie Care Series

offers everything cosmetic that the sensitive skin in the face and throat to cleavage area needs, for a young and fresh effect despite environmental influences and daily stress caused by make-up.For instance, the Radiance Energie Serum relaxes the facial muscles, supports the suppleness of the skin and helps to counter the effect of pigment abnormalities. The Day and Night Cream in the same series is a perfectly coordinated 24-hour care that not only supplies the delicate facial skin with oxygen, it also smooths lines and wrinkles and gives the overall complexion a younger appearance. Special attention in the facial care should be paid to the sensitive skin around the eyes, as it is particularly susceptible to small wrinkles and dryness. Ayer has a special eye cream to this end, it actively smooths and tautens the skin, thus preventing and reducing wrinkles.