Anti-Aging Sun Care Sun care by BABOR

A good and dependable suncream is even more important these days, given the ever increasing danger from UV rays. And this doesn’t just apply when you go on holiday to southern climes, where the suns rays can stress your skin even more. Particularly if you have sensitive or pale skin, good sun-protection products are always an absolute must-have. With the various products in its Anti-Aging Sun Care line, BABOR has created the perfect cosmetics for hot summer days. These sun care products offer you various possibilities to protect and care for your skin before, during and after time in the sun. Treat yourself to these luxurious and high-quality cosmetics with specially selected ingredients.

Enjoy the sun with a clear conscience

BABORs sun care range offers a wide selection of complementary products. In the Anti-Aging Sun Care line, you’ll find Derma Cellular Ultimate Protecting Balm with a SPF of 50. The skin will not only be protected from dangerous UV rays but also from damaging environmental influences. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced. The After Sun Repair Lotion is applied after time in the sun. It cools the skin and provides abundant moisture. The High Protection Sun Stick is practical for when you are out and about, and can be easily slipped into any handbag. And if you don’t want to go without make-up in the summer, you can depend on the High Protection Sun Make-up as make-up that also protects. The summer can come with this line of cosmetics from BABOR.