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All-Round Brush by BEAUTY IS LIFE

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Description by Accessories All-Round Brush by BEAUTY IS LIFE

A small, helpful instrument, which definitely offers more than one type of use. This is how the all-round brush from the Accessories line by Beauty Is Life could be best described, because this fine brush has many multifunctional uses. The brush has the usual elongated and very thin form, is completely black, and has a visible brand inscription on the end, which is clear white. The head is perfect for make-up to adhere to, because all bristles are made from real hair, which makes the brush very soft and flexible. In the cosmetics online shop, you can order this and other brushes at a fair price.

A versatile instrument for make-up application

The all round brush by Beauty Is Life has many uses, which is not only due to the real hair, but also due to the popular form of the brush head. The brush from the Accessories series is immediately noticeable thanks to its excellent manufacturing, with a stem that is very easy to handle, while the head has been integrated into the brush in a stable and firm way. A good use for this brush would be eye shadow application, but the all round brush can also be used for applying lipstick or lip gloss. This is exactly what makes this brush the perfect companion for travelling - you will only need one brush, which is suitable for the application of different make-up products.

For consistently high quality from the cosmetics online shop

Just like the other articles from the cosmetics online shop ParfumeDreams, the Accessories product by Beauty Is Life is not only available at a fair price, but also has a high quality and a cleverly thought-out design. Expand your toilet bag, your make-up bag or your beauty cabinet in your bathroom with a very versatile product, which has a long life-span thanks to its stable design and is also easy to clean.

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