Nail files AYA by Becker Manicure

With the nail files from the AYA range by the traditional German manufacturer Becker Manicure, applying the finishing touches to your nail care is child’s play. The files are made of steel, are suitable for manicures and pedicures, and contain genuine sapphires on both sides. With the rough side of the nail file, fingernails and toenails can be shaped as desired in a few strokes. The fine side of the high-quality beauty tool ensures an absolutely professional finish. The chrome-plated nail files are also available as high-quality files in the AYA range, and accommodate the curve of the nail precisely. As Becker Manicure’s range of files is elaborately chrome-plated, it is also very easy to clean the files after a manicure or pedicure. The sapphire embellishment of the files means that residues are easily removed. Used files are easily cleaned under clean water. The high-quality chrome plating of the files protects against corrosion. So that the nail file sits securely in your hand, it features a non-slip plastic handle.

Nail files for a perfect nail finish from Becker

The traditional company Becker Manicure recognised at a very early stage that to meet its customers’ needs, the range of scissors would have to be complemented by important beauty tools. Therefore, in addition to the diverse range of scissors, sapphire files, soft files, glass files, emery boards, grooved files, and complete polish sets have been offered for manicures and pedicures for many decades. In the AYA product line, customers of the Solingen company can get the entire nail care range in the best quality at a very good price/quality ratio. The nail files for manicures and pedicures from the AYA range of cosmetics are available in various sizes. The nail files from Becker Manicure suit every make-up bag and are also an essential grooming tool on journeys.