24H Life Men Men's fragrances by Bench.

24 hours active, 24 hours completely on trend: The men’s fragrances such as 24H Life Men by Bench. have been developed for men who want to live life to the full. The city pulsates 24 hours, right round the clock, and life is there for living 24 hours a day. Men can enjoy the fresh, aquatic notes of this fragrance 24 hours a day. Urban, sporty and with a hint of elegance, this perfume is ideal for the modern man. The fresh men’s cologne from Bench. is the perfect complement to the fashion label’s collection. Fragrances, like fashion, are inspired by life in the big cities of our world. The urban lust for life is also reflected in the scent notes of 24H Life Men.

Refreshing fragrance for active men

Even the bottle of Bench - 24H Life Men presents itself as fresh and blue. The eau de toilette and the other products in this fragrance line radiate in refreshing blue and remind of the ocean. Just like the bottle and the label’s fashion creations, the perfume convinces with its clean, modern aesthetics. The aquatic notes awaken the spirit of life and enthusiasm for an exciting day full of new experiences. The thrilling scent lasts on the skin and in the evenings still provides the trend-conscious with a discreet whiff of fragrance. A masculine and refreshing scent like this can be worn at any time of year and is an ideal component of casual style.