24H Life Woman Women's fragrances by Bench.

The perfume Bench. - 24H Life Woman is for lovers of bewitching, extravagant fragrances. With its flowery-sweet yet light scent, the eau de toilette is the ideal companion all day long, in other words 24 hours. The Bench. fashion label presents with this perfume a women’s fragrance that is just as trendy and casual as the company’s fashions. Wrapped in the wonderful fragrance and in high-fashion style, women can head out and make their mark in the pulsating life of the city. The fragrance underlines urban style with its modern, bold aesthetics and awakens the spirit of adventure.

24 Hour fragrance experience

The women’s fragrances by Bench. - 24H Life Woman have been created for the active, fashion-conscious woman, who grabs life with both hands. The perfume accompanies you for 24 hours, at work, on a shopping tour in the afternoon, through to clubbing in the evening. The floral and sweet fragrant notes unfold immediately after applying to the skin but are never overpowering. Night and day, summer and winter, the perfume radiates its irrepressible lust for life. Fashion from Bench. is an urban original and the perfume matches this perfectly. Whether as a gift or for women who want to treat themselves to a little something: The fragrances from Bench. will thrill with their simplicity and their harmonious composition.