Bettina Barty - Vanilla - Oil Bath Bettina Barty - Vanilla - Oil Bath
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Description by Vanilla Oil Bath by Bettina Barty

The Vanilla Oil Bath by the Bettina Barty brand is part of the eponymous range, which is characterised by the gentle notes of vanilla. In contrast to the perfume, this product from the skincare perfumes range is not sprayed, but added to bathwater in small amounts. The oil bath distributes itself automatically through the water and ensures heavenly hours in the bathroom, in which the skin is pleasantly hydrated and pampered with nourishing essences. As a result, the skin acquires an extremely smooth and velvety soft surface, which feels optimally nourished and superbly pampered to the touch. Simultaneously, you can refuel for upcoming new challenges in this spa atmosphere.

Tune out completely in your own bathroom.

A relaxing bath is always perceived as enjoyable. Let your soul relax, take half an hour for yourself and perhaps read a good book while you do it – that’s how women imagine a relaxing bath, ideally by candlelight or soft lighting. The only thing missing is the perfume to match, which is provided by the Vanilla bath essence from the perfumes skincare range. Bettina Barty relies on a multifaceted selection of scent and skincare ingredients in this bath essence, all of which have a positive, intensifying effect on the delicate vanilla.

For heavenly aromas in the bath.

The Bettina Barty Vanilla Oil Bath makes use of notes of cinnamon, clove and bergamot, among others. Rose, cedarwood and jasmine can also be easily recognised in the product from the perfumes skincare range. But another ingredient entirely is always in the foreground: of course, we are referring to the vanilla, which is perfectly enveloped within a delicate frame of musk and amber. This is apparent not only in the perfume itself, but also in the bath essence, which spreads heavenly notes throughout the bathroom during the whole bath.

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