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Scented candles
L'Amoureuse by Brecourt

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Description by Scented candles L'Amoureuse by Brecourt

Fragrances are like emotions: They cannot be seen, but they still influence our entire life. Brecourt, the famous perfume label from Paris, the world capital of perfume, is very aware of this effect of fragrances. How else could the creative fragrance designer create such wonderful perfumes? The Brecourt L'Amoureuse perfume will certainly be well-known to most, but there is now another exciting way to enjoy this perfume.The exquisite fragrance triggers dreams of sweet fruits and of love. L'Amoureuse was created from a composition of bergamot, lemon, raspberries, black currants and jasmine. The proud lily, the seductive rose and a touch of violet fragrance round off the creation perfectly. Who would not indulge in such a fragrance? L'Amoureuse can now also be enjoyed in the form of a scented candle. Scented candles have the advantage that they immediately captivate every room with their fragrance. They can be used to give your own home a special note, make a romantic moment even more romantic, or taken on journeys to add a touch of familiarity and home. The scented candles are also a wonderful addition to any bathroom, as their heavenly fragrance immediately ensures that the bath is a little more relaxing.

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