Bruno Banani - Absolute Man - Deodorant Spray Bruno Banani - Absolute Man - Deodorant Spray

Absolute Man
Deodorant Spray by Bruno Banani

75 ml

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Description by Absolute Man Deodorant Spray by Bruno Banani

The Bruno Banani deodorant spray “Absolute Man” has taken its fragrance from the perfume with the same name. The deo spray comes in fresh and pleasant 75 ml packaging with the brand inscription and an orange-coloured lid. The deodorant not only emits a fruity and fresh fragrance, but also it reduces sweat production on the armpits. The spray covers the sweat glands and pores, so only limited sweat can escape. This gives security for everyday use, prevents unpleasant sweat marks and ensures a consistently fresh feeling,

Pleasant and friendly fragrance in deodorant form

The Absolute Man deodorant spray was released in 2014, at the same time as the perfume. Bruno Banani includes an energy drink scent chord, which is reminiscent of the sweet texture of popular energy drinks. This is complimented with fruity accents, such as mandarin or grapefruit. In order to give the fragrance a friendly effect, the components are expanded by floral violet leaves and lilies of the valley.

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