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Body Wash Ginger & Citrus by Burt's Bees

350 ml

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Description by Body Body Wash Ginger & Citrus by Burt's Bees

Product sub-line: Skin care
Range: Body
Description: Body Wash Ginger & Citrus
Characteristics: natural cosmetics

The Body Wash Ginger & Citrus shower gel by Burt’s Bees gives a good start to the day and a comprehensive care program for the body. This high quality cosmetic product intensively pampers your skin, removes dirt and sweat and also encourages motivation with invigorating essences. This shower gel comes in an economical 350 ml bottle with a white cap and includes up to 99.3% pure natural ingredients. Ideally it should be followed directly after showering with a suitable moisturising cream, also made of natural ingredients. So the skin is not irritated, and what irritation already exists will be prevented in the future.

Enriched with many high quality ingredients

The Burt’s Bees Body Wash Ginger & Citrus Lotion makes use of the unique power of ginger root and diverse citrus oils. In this way the scent of this cosmetic is very zesty and fresh, and at the same time the ginger gives it a warm note. Essential citrus oils clean the skin and, along with the ginger root extracts, give a natural cleansing formula, the plant basis of which also benefits the body. Directly under the shower is a delightful feeling which quickly dissipates shortly after. Later the skin feels exceptionally smooth and very soft.

With a sweet orange scent

This cosmetic product by the brand Burt’s Bees impresses with the wonderful scent of ripe oranges which transports you to spring and summer memories - any time of year! The Body Wash Ginger & Citrus Shower Gel gives men and women an extra classy shower experience. The stimulating aromas can be applied to the body with a hand, loofah glove, wash-cloth or sponge and lathered for a lightly foaming effect.

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