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Description by Calyx Body Lotion by Clinique

Clinique has rightly earned its name as the expert for care and cosmetics. Its extensive range not only pampers the skin but also smells heavenly thanks to its specially developed fragrance. Calyx Body Lotion is a further addition to this cleverly designed portfolio and belongs to the range of the same name, itself in turn built on the eponymous fragrance. The Body Lotion has an incredibly delicate and lightweight texture that feels virtually weightless and is extremely easy to apply to the skin. Just seconds later it absorbs deeply into the lower skin layers, leaving zero greasy or oily film on the skin.

Deep moisturiser from the house of Clinique

Calyx Lotion by Clinique comes in a white 200 ml tube with cap and should ideally be used directly after a relaxing bath or shower. On wet skin, the essences are absorbed deeper and more rapidly as pores have been opened with the warmth. The high-quality ingredients leave your skin feeling supple and looking great. With a boost of rejuvenation, the skin retains a healthy, natural glow and superficial bumps in your complexion are simultaneously corrected. With a hydrating effect, dry and rough areas are a thing of the past.

Pleasant notes, modelled on the fragrance

Calyx Body Lotion emits exactly the same notes as the eponymous fragrance in the range. This is a new product from 2014 and uses various floral and fruity ingredients encased in a natural-looking bottle. The moment you apply the cream, the fresh notes of green leaves kick in, as do the fruity accords provided by the grapefruit. Rose, jasmine and freesia add a floral touch, while sandalwood, moss and iris accentuate the naturalness of the lotion.

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