David Beckham - Classic Blue - After Shave David Beckham - Classic Blue - After Shave
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Description by Classic Blue After Shave by David Beckham

He is a gifted footballer, a sex symbol par excellence and the kind of man that women dream of - David Beckham is exactly what woman wants and what men aspire to. David Beckham effortlessly manages the fine balancing act between gentleman and cool dude - courtesy of that seductive gaze and smile. With his Aftershave Classic Blue which is also available as a perfume he shows the male gender of our species that cosmetics are not only for women. A little rough ‘n ready, a dash of smartness and plenty of sex appeal. This mix is the secret recipe of this British football star. Based on its predecessor fragrance Classic, there’s now a nightly, darker and more exciting version of this men’s fragrance.

A clear statement for the style-conscious man/h2>Classic Blue is not just an aftershave for that perfect finish after shaving. More than mere beauty productit is more of a statement that is convincing thanks to its daring composition. Fresh pineapple meets bitter grapefruit and makes friends with the lovely violet and floral geranium. The mix of fruit coupled with the elegance of cashmere and patchouli results in the confident assured style of the perfumefrom David Beckham. Should a man wish to bring home a piece of David Beckham, he shouldn’t solely bank on fashion and coolness. The right scent combination of perfume and aftershave from the Classic Blue range paves the road to becoming that irresistible Adonis. And those who can master that charming British accent as well, is sure to have a head start and have his way with the ladies.

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