Aroma Sculpt Body by Decléor

The Aroma Sculpt series convinces with its firming effect and is particularly suitable, for example, as a body care product during/after pregnancy or weight loss. The focus of this highly-efficient range by Decléor is on the beauty concentrate Aromessence Sculpt, which has the pure and natural power of essential oils to thank for its effectiveness. In the composition of this exclusive body care, the French brand has put great importance on including valuable oils of lemongrass, myrrh, grapefruit, frankincense, lemon and camomile. Through regular treatment using the product, you’ll see an improvement in the elasticity and the firmness of the skin. At the same time, it reinforces the effects of the products that come next in your care routine.

Naturally beautiful radiance thanks to aromatherapy

In addition to the concentrate, a firming anti-aging body cream is also included in the series, together with a gel that optimises the structure of the skin and is recommended for stretch marks, for example. Decléor has been providing high-quality body care cosmetics specially designed for individual needs since 1974. The company stands out with its holistic understanding of natural beauty, in which the sustainable provision of the skin with important nutrients is just as important as thegeneral balance of the body. This results in use of the essential oils that characterise the aroma cosmetic formulas, a pampered skin as well as a personal feeling of well-being.