Mickey/Minnie Skin care by Disney

Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie are the most well-known comic figures from Disney which offers high-quality care and cosmetics products for young boys and girls alongside many other items. In the Mickey/Minnie product range, the international brand takes advantage of both mice and offers shower gel or bubble bath with the Disney motifs. Donald and other characters from the Duck House can also be found in the Mickey/Minnie product range, the sight of which will make even the adults reminisce about the comic books of their childhood.

Experience care and cosmetics from Disney in your own bathroom

With Bubble Bath or Shower Gel from the Mickey/Minnie range and other cartoon character heroes, high-quality is assured through co-ordinated ingredients, alongside the popular figures. This will give parents the great feeling of giving their children optimum care in their daily hygiene routines, care which helps growing skin to develop properly. Should your kids be fans more of modern figures from Disney’s countless films and comic books than of Mickey or Minnie, our Shop’s other categories offer this in the form of various cleaning and care products at attractive prices.