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Dusty Bubble Bath by Disney

200 ml

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Description by Planes Dusty Bubble Bath by Disney

The pleasant smelling Disney Planes Dusty Bubble Bath is really well suited for little kids. The exciting Bubble Bath ensures plenty of soft and pleasant smelling foam in the bath which kids can play about and frolic with. At the same time, the cosmetic was created by Disney to be extra delicate and compatible so that tender and smooth children’s skin is not irritated. Instead, it is comprehensively pampered, gets a pleasant smell and its suppleness is intensified yet again.

Playful Bubble Bath from Disney for your little ones

The playful Dusty Bubble Bath from the Planes range can be used several times during the week. Even a small amount from the 200 ml bottle is enough to conjure up exciting and very delicate foam in your bathtub. The cosmetics product is perfectly suited to kids who aren’t such fans of bath time, as this Bubble Bath can create a new incentive for these little ones.

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