Winnie Pooh Skin care by Disney

The happy bear Winnie the Pooh and his friends have been loved by kids the world over for generations. The international Disney brand has also discovered this adventurous bear for itself and given him his own product range, in which high-quality items ranging from care to cosmetics products are offered young boys and girls. The choice of Winnie the Pooh items ranges from Shower Gels to Floating Soap and the handy, extraordinary Magic Towel which adds a bit of extra fun to daily hygiene routines.

Make trips to the bathroom a playful pleasure

Of course, it’s particularly tempting to buy the Winnie the Pooh Bubble Bath Figure which will be a really playful companion for young boys and girls in the bathroom and in their daily lives. Should your kids also be fans of other Disney characters and want to experience these in more than just TV series and films, our Online Shop will help you find other products, from care to cosmetics, with countless designs and motifs. This will make going online to select and order the right shower and care products with your own kids a real family experience.