ERBE - Cosmetics - Blackhead remover, 11 cm ERBE - Cosmetics - Blackhead remover, 11 cm

Blackhead remover, 11 cm by ERBE

nickel-plated / 1 Stk.

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Description by Cosmetics Blackhead remover, 11 cm by ERBE

Since 1930, Becker has developed and produced not just scissors and clippers but also high-quality manicure tools, which are essential helpers for cosmetics and skin care. This also includes the 11 cm-long blackhead remover with sharp lancet and loop. Blackheads and other skin blemishes can be removed easily and thoroughly with the steel beauty tool.

Easy removal of skin blemishes with tools from Becker Manicure

From the tip to the loop, the beauty tool is 11 cm long. For safe handling, the handle is broadened and has a grooved surface. The tip is rounded to avoid injuries. The loop is firmly attached to the tool. Blackheads are simply pushed through the opening by the lever effect. As the loop is also rounded, the surrounding skin is not irritated or injured. The blackhead remover is made from steel, and has a polished, zinc-plated surface. As a result, the tool is rust-proof and can be cleaned easily after use. Liquids containing alcohol are suitable for disinfecting the manicure tool. The blackhead remover from Becker Manicure is an important body care accessory, and shouldn’t be missing from any range.

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