Nail scissors Yes by ERBE

Nail scissors are some of the most important tools for modern manicures and pedicures, which are required equally by both women and men. The special scissors are suitable for trimming nails that have grown long as well as for the aesthetic shaping of toenails or fingernails, which lots of nail scissors do with their curved cutting edge. In its Yes product line, Becker Manicure - as an internationally renowned brand manufacturer - offers a variety of scissors and other tools enabling easy high-class nail care. Visit our shop and get these quality products to design attractive nails at home or as a professional nail studio.

Experience the variety of high-quality nail scissors by Becker Manicure

For safe use and convenient handling during manicures and pedicures, the Solingen brand’s Yes collection features a wide variety of high-quality nail scissors. With various lengths and different designs of scissor tips, their use can be customised to individual nail care and beauty requirements. The Yes product range also includes special baby scissors, which, with their small format, meet the needs of little hands and enable safe nail care for small children. Becker Manicure customers are guaranteed a long product lifespan thanks to the use of high-quality metals in all scissors and other beauty tools.

Order quality at a great price from Becker Manicure

Whether for running a nail studio or for the home bathroom - with Yes and other product lines by Becker Manicure, every manicure and pedicure is made noticeably easier. Besides nail scissors from the popular German brand, our range also includes other tools that contribute to simple treatment and high-class cosmetic care for each individual nail. You can also browse our range to discover accessories such as fragrance jewellery, which has been added to Becker Manicure’s large product selection over the decades. An attractive price for all products awaits you, so that making this investment doesn’t hold you back from high-class nail care and a groomed appearance!