Esprit - Man - Deodorant Spray Esprit - Man - Deodorant Spray

Deodorant Spray by Esprit

75 ml

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Description by Man Deodorant Spray by Esprit

The deodorant spray by Esprit Man is captivating

Normally, men sweat more and stronger than women, which is why a deodorant for men has to fulfill other requirements. Anti-perspirants, which prevent sweat formation, with anti-microbial substances that control the micro-organisms, which are to blame for the smell of perspiration. Ultimately, the deodorant spray needs to cover any existing smell and basically hide it. To ensure that you feel as fresh for the entire day as you do in the morning, we offer the Esprit Man deodorant spray. Pineapple makes it refreshing, while vanilla and sandalwood create a long-lasting fragrance composition, which lasts until the evening. Thus, the “freshly showered” feeling remains for the whole day, and you can be confident that you will not be noticed because of unpleasant body odour. The Esprit Man Deodorant Spray provides a light freshness, which is captivating thanks to its fruity touch.

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