Marquetry by Etro

Etro is fascination for intricate and imaginative patterns. Behind the Etro name is a family busines… Learn more

Marquetry Women's fragrances by Etro

Etro is fascination for intricate and imaginative patterns. Behind the Etro name is a family business from Milan, and this family has a fine feeling for extravagant, flamboyant fashion. The inspiration for the new perfume sits right beside the label. The intricate craftmanship of intarsia inlaying is also known as marquetry. This involves a piece that is worked with the tiniest slivers of ivory, mother of pearl and sweet-smelling ebony and rosewood. Thus are created fantastically fine designs, which are then used as wonderful decoration for furniture or jewelry. Etro now presents Marquetry, the new exclusive perfume. The fragrance is so multifaceted and radiant, like a hand-polished jewel. This creation is in perfect harmony with the cosmopolitan spirit that all creations from the label emanate.

Marquetry is a very feminine, fascinating fragrance with the flair of the orient. This wonderful composition has been put together for the woman who approaches life with her own outlook and an open curiosity. It is dedicated to all the femal pioneers of this world, who exactly embody these characteristics. The perfume has an intangible and undefinable aura, yet is refined and has a hint of colonial romance.

The base of the perfume was formed according to the rules of marquetry. It holds very valuable intarsia building blocks, formed from wood. They were once polished by the artisans of the palaces of Jaipur in Rajasthan using a cloth treated with agate powder. This is where this sensuous fragrance, which hides many more valuable ingredients, gets its name. It will make the heart sing and the soul, too. This composition is like a talisman for the soul that opens up the way to the gentle horizons of happiness. The bottle is just as wonderfully formed as the perfume, with the golden colour making it look even more elegant and exquisite than it already is. Marquetry by Etro impresses in every way.