Filly Unicorn - Body care - 2 in 1 Shower Gel + ShampooFilly Unicorn - Body care - 2 in 1 Shower Gel + Shampoo

Body care
2 in 1 Shower Gel + Shampoo by Filly Unicorn

300 ml

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Description by Body care 2 in 1 Shower Gel + Shampoo by Filly Unicorn

Product sub-line: Skin care
Range: Body care
Description: 2 in 1 Shower Gel + Shampoo

By now, the sweet little Filly horses are indispensable in the lives of many little girls. What started as simple collectible figures has become a cult, which sees the Fillies in many other products – for example, the 2 in 1 shower gel + shampoo. This cosmetic product is produced by Hello Kitty and is a perfect complement to other products in the range, which also pick up the Hello Kitty or other cartoon or comic figure motif. The handy 2 in 1 shower gel + shampoo is superbly suited to little girls, as it is not only incredibly gently nourishing, but also makes them want to have a possibly essential shower.

No more fighting over showers

. Parents know the problem: Once children are eventually in the shower, it’s fun and happy. But getting them there can be a struggle, because children have so many other things they would rather be doing with their time. Parents can spare themselves these disagreements by using cosmetic products which even the littlest ones love. That’s why the Filly Shower Gel and Shampoo is a first class choice. The children then connect their favourite character and a playful element with showering or hair washing, which makes them much more likely to agree without a fight.

Sweet presentation and equally sweet scent

. The 2 in 1 shower gel + shampoo with the Filly print not only looks girly, sweet and playful, but also radiates pleasant scents, which are guaranteed to please little girls. This cosmetic product, produced by Hello Kitty, also uses a selection of particularly gentle and mild ingredients, which not only ensure a lovely and playful scent but also ensure that children’s sensitive skin is not affected. Quite the contrary – it is intensively nourished.

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