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Shower Gel by Filly Unicorn

1000 ml

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Description by Body care Shower Gel by Filly Unicorn

The playful Hello Kitty Filly Shower Gel is perfect for your little girl, because the pleasant shower gel in the pink 1000 ml bottle doesn’t just smell fresh and fruity, it also makes exclusive use of gentle essences which are perfect for children’s sensitive skin. The bottle is decorated with the well-known Filly unicorn and guaranteed to be a hit with every child. The gentle ingredients ensure a good moisturising effect and also penetrate to the lower layers of the skin.

Bright pink and perfect for girls

. For babies and toddlers, the Hello Kitty Shower Gel with the pony Filly is an excellent choice, as it means even children who usually balk at the idea can be persuaded to bath or shower. The shower gel does not leave an unpleasant layer on the skin or irritate it, which means that even sensitive young skin is optimally nourished without using aggressive or highly concentrated ingredients.

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