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Top 10 fragrances from Parfumdreams

What is liked by many can also bring joy to the individual. If you find it difficult choosing the right fragrance from our huge range, we recommend that you take a look at which fragrance compositions are the most popular at the moment. This is because individuality and collectivity aren’t mutually exclusive - you, as the wearer, make the fragrance special, and not the other way round! In Parfumdreams’ Top 10 lists, you will find the exact men’s and women’s fragrances that have proved to be the most popular among our customers! It doesn’t matter if it is a classic, a great value offer, or a new product - if it is popular and often purchased, it is also listed!

Your personal fragrance favourite

You would be right to be wary of lists like this. Just because a men’s or women’s perfume is bought frequently, this doesn’t mean that it will automatically be the right product for you too. Fortunately, the sales figures are only the crucial criterion for us. To help you make a decision, you also have detailed product descriptions and numerous customer reviews. So our ranking is only intended to give you an initial overview. You can then form a well-founded opinion with extra information both from us and our customers. Because who knows better than you yourself whether number 6 on the list of men’s fragrances or number 3 on the women’s could be your personal number 1?

By the way - Top 10 lists are not just for fragrances!

And because Top 10 lists enjoy great popularity in principle, in our Online Shop you will also find inspiration and help in the form of Top 10 lists for our make-up, skin care, and hair care products. Detailed product descriptions and customer reviews provide you with useful extra information for these beauty products too.