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L'Ombre Noir by GIVENCHY

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Description by Eyes L'Ombre Noir by GIVENCHY

L'Ombre Noir is a Givenchy-brand care product you can use to ideally highlight your eyes. The substances ensure a light texture and one-time colour effect. The addition of esters creates an invigorating airiness. Plant oils make the product gentle: this can be used both wet and dry. It can also be used as a mascara, kohl, eye liner or eye shadow.

Doing good for your eyes

L'Ombre Noir by Givenchy ensures an even make-up finish. The product can be applied in individual or multiple layers. The intensity of your appearance is increased with each layer. The base of L'Ombre Noir is built on beeswax that creates a lively contrast. In addition, eyebrows can be traced. You can also colour your eyelashes. The intense black tone ensures a simply perfect appearance!

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