Rings Accessories by Gab & Ty by Jana Ina

With the Gab & Ty collection, the presenter and designer Jana Ina has created individual and very feminine accessories. The rings from her line of jewelry will thrill with a successful mixture of femininity, current trends and timelessness. Jana Ina places great value on individuality and wanted to present women with the jewelry they deserve. Personality is particularly important to her. For this reason, she named the collection after her son and dachshund. The designs orientate towards international trends and her Brazilian homeland.

Gab & Ty by Jana Ina - modern rings for every occasion

The Gab & Ty rings by Jana Ina impress with contemporary design and clear lines. The sophisticated details are implemented sparingly so that the effect is perfect. In this way, engraving, curved knots or a small, sparkling gemstone immediately catch the eye. The accessories shine in typical gold or silver. A few pieces are presented, however, in trendy rose gold. The jewelry from Jana Ina will accompany you through all sorts of occasions. It works with an elegant evening outfit just as well as with the relaxed leisure look. You can even combine many of the pieces wonderfully with a sober business outfit. Thanks to the timeless design, you will be able to wear these accessories and enjoy them in new combinations for many years to come.