Think Wild Women's fragrances by George Gina & Lucy

For all women who would like to put more emphasis on their animalistic side, the Think Wild fragrance line by George Gina & Lucy is an excellent choice. Like all women’s fragrances by the trendy brand, this perfume flacon also distinguishes itself through its excellent design. Decorated with a small feather, the high-quality flacon optically emphasises the animalistic side of the fragrance, which develops shortly after the first spray. With its fresh and powerful intensity and fruity notes, the perfume is perfect for spring and summer.

Wild fragrances with natural nuances

The George Gina & Lucy creation Think Wild is perfect for all women, who cross boundaries, try new things and are truly daring. The decorative ethnic pendant can be taken off and used an accessory for your own look, while unconventional scent notes of musk, jasmine and blackcurrant create an interesting fragrance. With the conception of women’s fragrances, the brand pays special attention to maintaining the individual theme of each fragrance from the top note to the base note, in order to create a full fragrance.