Eau du Sud Men's fragrances by Goutal

High-quality men’s fragrances by Annick Goutal are suitable to give as gifts, but you can also treat yourself to them. The perfume gives you a carefree summer feeling at any time of year, which you experience in the French provinces or in Tuscany. The men’s fragrance is suitable for special occasions, but also if you just want to feel good.

The men’s fragrance by Annick Goutal casts a spell on your senses

The perfume Eau du Sud is available as a toilette spray with a very fine spray nozzle. The pleasant fragrance lasts for the entire day and makes you think of blue skies and the southern sun, regardless of the weather. The perfume comes in two different flasks, which have a volume of 100 ml each.

The perfume Eau du Sud suits the sophisticated gentleman of any age

Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal is timeless and ageless.It suits younger men as well as older gentlemen, who feel good when they wear sophisticated fragrances. Treat yourself with this very special fragrance and feel a southern flair for the whole day.