Scribble Fragrances by Hello Kitty

Accessories from the Japanese brand Hello Kitty have become famous the world over in the last decades, and the cat has also conquered the bathrooms of many girls and young women. They have a particularly comprehensive choice of perfume and skincare products with the Scribble product range, which makes the daily trip to the bathroom a playful delight. The collection includes scents in the form of Eau de Toilette and also shows its practical side with small travel and wash bags, so that Hello Kitty can be a constant companion.

Order scents and skincare articles from Hello Kitty online

. The design of the Scribble edition picks up on the preference many girls have for the colour pink, giving foam bath, perfume and co a playful and feminine appearance. Various travel and gift sets make the edition particularly popular, allowing customers to obtain several of the high quality products simultaneously at an attractive price and share them with a good friend. Our online shop responds not only to the variety of Scribble products, but also offers you other scents and hygiene articles from the Japanese company, which invite you to make an order at competitive prices.