Hildegard Braukmann - Exquisit - Bio Effect Mask Hildegard Braukmann - Exquisit - Bio Effect Mask

Bio Effect Mask by Hildegard Braukmann

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Description by Exquisit Bio Effect Mask by Hildegard Braukmann

Bio Effect Mask suitable for all skin types. Refreshing Instant Mask for a radiant look. Tired and stressed skin is revitalised, becomes tighter and smoother through the combination of plant based active ingredients with bio-hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and E. Ingredients: The complete list of ingredients is found on the packaging using the required INCI nomenclature. Active ingredient bio-hyaluronic acid is obtained biotechnologically. It fixes moisture and helps maintain the most important properties of young, healthy skin, such as smoothness, elasticity and resilience. Vitamin E offers active cell protection. With regular use it will improve the complexion and the skin will be tangibly smoother. Vitamin E demonstrably boosts the skin’s moisture retention. Mature skin will be intensely nourished and builds a protection reserve for the next day. Macadamia nut oil, from the nuts of the Hawaiian tree, contain the rare palmitoleic acid which is particularly good for dry skin. Pentacare HP is a casein-hydrolysat with clear skin-tightening effects. Vitamin A is the epithelium protecting vitamin which stimulates new development of cells and collagen. It has a regulating effect in the cornification process and improves the look and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin A is the beauty vitamin for radiant skin. Use Apply a small amount of Exquisit Bio-Effect Mask gently to the face and lightly massage or allow to sink in. Then apply make-up. Container size: 50 ml Tube

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