Lips Skin care by Hydracolor

Perfectly groomed lips with Hydracolor

Your lips need particularly effective care. The skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive. With optimal protection, you can ensure that the skin on your lips does not dry out or become tight. The reward is a radiant smile! The brand Hydracolor belongs to the Italian Deborah group, an internationally renowned company with a lot of experience. This results in cosmetics, which can achieve positive results in lip care.

High-quality care ingredients

The company manufactures cosmetics and skin care products of excellent quality. To achieve this, so-called active ingredients are used. They will help you to achieve ideal care and moisture. The skin care cream, which contains polymers, and the passion fruit oil work as a moisture reservoir. Rich omega 6 fatty acids support the process. These cosmetic products will make your lips feel soft and smooth. Furthermore, a light protection filter and protection against UVA and UBV rays are also integrated. The lip balms by Hydracolor do not contain glycerin. The product is available as a lipstick and as a Unisex lipstick.