Effusion Woman Women's fragrances by Iceberg

Effusion Woman by Iceberg, a subtle summer fragrance

Women’s fragrances often go in a particular direction, or are created using floral or fruity components, but this perfume by Iceberg is more spicy. The somewhat different composition is always responsible for face expressions, which are irritated at first, but then lighten up when the perfume unfolds all of its riches. The top note first reveals fresh and bitter grapefruit followed by kiwi, peach and passion fruit. The heart note is dominated by cardamom and muscat, accompanied by roses and violets. The base is formed with cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and guaiac wood. With Effusion Woman, Iceberg has created a perfume, which is perfect for the summer and all warm days. Furthermore, the subtle fragrance, which is an all-rounder, goes everywhere. Young women, who are not confident enough yet to try heavy and opulent women’s fragrances, will love this fragrance. From sports to a city stroll, this Iceberg will swim beside you and accompany you wherever you want. Similar to Effusion Man, Effusion Woman is perfect for everyone, who does not get along with conventional women’s fragrances.