Ambre Premier Unisex fragrances by Jovoy

As far back as the 1920s, Jovoy was one of the most popular perfume houses in Paris, and with new product lines such as Ambre Premier and further unisex fragrances, the charm of the company has been truly flourishing again for some years now. The perfume comes in an elegant flaçon and combines essences of ambergris, vanilla, rose and spices to create a unique scent. As fruity as it is spicy, the fragrance Ambre Premier appeals to both women and men and allows wearers to experience the tried and tested quality of Jovoy by surrounding themselves in a new and exciting scent.

Unisex fragrances by Jovoy – diverse and inspiring

Those who prefer a sweet and warm fragrance will be eager to purchase Ambre Premier and to wear the perfume in their everyday life as well as on special occasions. While other unisex fragrances from this Parisian brand are already considered classics in the industry, this fragrance, with a base of ambergris, has the potential to become one and will captivate young fans of exciting fragrances in particular. To gain further insights into Jovoy’s large selection of fragrances and to order perfumes from the French brand at attractive prices, our varied online collection is just the place to go!