L'Arbre Connaissance Unisex fragrances by Jovoy

L'Arbre Connaissance is the French name for the tree of knowledge, which became the epitome of seduction in paradise and is regarded as a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhist culture. Parisian perfume brand Jovoy picks up on these associations with a deluxe perfume and offers this as an addition to its renowned range of unisex fragrances. Sandalwood, patchouli and fig dominate the perfume together with fruit notes, which make L’Arbre Connaissance from Jovoy a truly special fragrance for women and for men.

An elegant perfume for any occasion

The unisex fragrances of the Parisian perfume house have been renowned for decades as genuine quality fragrances, with the brand’s roots stretching right back to the 1920s. L'Arbre Connaissance is one of the company’s true masterpieces and invites you, too, to experience the charm of the perfume or to purchase it as a gift for a loved one. Naturally, this is also the case for all of the time-honoured company’s unisex fragrances, which you can purchase through our online shop at attractive prices in addition to cosmetics and care products of other famous brands.