L'Enfant Terrible Unisex fragrances by Jovoy

L'Enfant Terrible lives up to its name

Fresh and spicy, light and aromatic, exhilarating and perfectly suitable for everyday use: introducing the women’s and men’s perfume from Jovoy. L'Enfant Terrible means terrible child, but seldom does a unisex fragrance impress as much as this one. In the top note, the perfume shows off with coriander, nutmeg, cumin and herbaceous notes. These are followed by a spicy bouquet of dates, cedars, sandalwood and orange tree bark. The base is created solely with musk and gives the fragrance a wonderful, long-lasting note. L'Enfant Terrible from Jovoy is sensual, even erotic and forces other unisex fragrances to bow their heads. Because most unisex fragrances are simply fresh and light and lack the depth that this perfume brings and which is equally suited to both women and men. The by no means enfant terrible is not the only unisex fragrance from Jovoy to become a veritable insider’s tip with its unusual aromas. We recommend you try these exclusive fragrances for yourself and you’ll realise that you’ll never need another fragrance.