La Liturgie des Heures Unisex fragrances by Jovoy

La Liturgie des Heures is one of French brand Jovoy’s most popular unisex fragrances. The perfume was inspired by the canonical hours of monastery nuns, which is expressed through notes of incense and other distinct scents. With this fragrance, Paris-based Jovoy has created a unique perfume that appeals to women and men in equal measure and represents a beautifully scented work of art. As with many editions from this popular brand, you can purchase La Liturgie des Heures through our varied online collection at an attractive price!

Perfume with a typical French touch

The tradition of the perfume house goes back almost 100 years, with the perfumery managing to return to its former splendour in recent years thanks to distinct unisex fragrances. As an Eau de Parfum Spray with an attractive glass flaçon, La Liturgie des Heures is just one of the many examples of how the experience of a Parisian perfume manufacturer manages to appeal to the tastes of the 21st century perfume wearer. Where the wearer is looking for more of a feminine or spicy note, the unisex fragrances can be specifically supplemented with a women’s or men’s perfume from Jovoy, which are waiting for your use or gift purchase in our online shop.